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Raptorial - Echoes of the Atlantic Rainforest is an immersion workshop, where the  participants get in contact with the wild and beautiful Atlantic Rainforest in its details - from 2 meter snakes swimming calmly in swamps to tiny leafy praying mantises; from the dancing of hundreds of white herons under the sunset to a starry sky reflected as fireflies over the forest floor. The shared knowledge and experience become echoes, reverberate our ecosystems and go beyond, in the memory and feeling of each participant who experienced these moments.


The workshop emerged as a way to share our experience and knowledge of the Atlantic Rainforest, taking participants to the Guapiaçu Ecological Reserve, a true wildlife sanctuary. We mix classroom conversations  and a lot of fieldwork, an intense experience that ranges from reflections on how to produce science, to design and photography applied to scientific projects. The multidisciplinary nature of the workshop allows anyone with an interest in nature to enjoy and immerse themselves in the Atlantic Rainforest and its mysteries.


The class, of up to 15 participants, is divided into three  teams named after three iconic mantis genera of the Atlantic Rainforest: Vates, Acanthops and Stagmatoptera . Each team has its own flag,  placed in a light trap that the team sets up, and performs the night circuits guided by a monitor. Splitting into small groups creates a sense of belonging and a more intimate experience. Thus, the teams explore the night of the Atlantic Rainforest, meeting fantastic wildlife and living unique experiences.

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